Assessments - piecing things together

Assessments (face to face or skype/videoconference) can take more than 1 session. They may require some consultation with other health professionals, regarding medication for example.

This can be decided and agreed upon when we meet.

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Face to Face Counselling and Psychological Therapy

Face to face sessions take place in a safe, clinical setting. I offer CBT, EMDR, short term goal focused therapy or longer term exploratory psychotherapy. They can be weekly or flexible.

Fees start from £110 per session.

However, fees can be discussed in cases of financial challenge.

Contact me for details about fees here

Videoconference Therapy sessions

If it is not possible to meet face to face, therapy sessions can sometimes be arranged via videoconference/Skype (for the UK only).  This works exactly the same way as face to face in terms of frequency, duration and content.  It requires a good wi-fi connection.

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Payment Method

Payment is via Paypal, or bank transfer in £ or €.

If you wish to use private health insurance, this can be arranged depending on the insurance provider.

Contact me using the details below to ask anything about anything above.